Meet your virtual
Chief Marketing Officer.

My name is Carmen and I’m based in KL.
I help my clients achieve their marketing goals.

I am a Marketer with 15+ years of experience. I spearheaded a homegrown advertising agency and have successfully increase the growth of many multinational and local companies.

In my agency, I worked alongside MDs, CEOs and CMOs of corporations, and while I added value to the working relationship, I also learned much from them.

I’ve also co-founded a technology startup, and upon taking on the marketing role, reduced CAC by 50%, quadrupled the organic traffic and doubled the revenue in just one year.

I have a strong ability to quickly grasp complex business issues, optimise operations and create growth opportunities. I do this by achieving business objectives through smart, customer-focused multichannel initiatives.

Why do you need an independent marketing consultant?

Marketing is the lifeline of every organisation. You need someone who can go the distance with you and spot growth opportunities. And to reduce the cost of getting there. This is especially true if you’re a small or mid-sized company with more executors than strategists on your payroll.

While your other marketing partners can give you really good recommendations, I’ll be here to objectively look at your game plan, and be by your side to help you win.

How am I diferent than other marketing consultants?

You get the best of both worlds. I have worked both as a CMO in a business and in an advertising agency, so I easily combine strategic thinking and operational realities.

I know how to reach your audience online and oine, and it is essential for companies to know how to do both well.

You get to tap onto my network of peers in different fields – from retail experts, F&B hustlers to banking professionals so you’ll always have more than just 1 perspective.

What if you had access to the marketing playbook of the big players?

After many years of working with large companies, I saw a clear opportunity to help SMEs to accelerate their growth using the same strategies that worked so well for me with the big brands.

While what works for big brands doesn’t always work for yours – but you’ll benefit by applying the same principles of marketing.

Working hands-on with companies of up to RM100 million revenue range allowed me to see how valuable those principles can be, when tailored to a smaller company’s needs.

Marketing is like an intricate resource game, where your resources should be spent to advance your position in the best possible way. But this game is only fun if we win.
Keen to explore further on how to grow your business?